On February 23, 2022,  PACE Institute of Management organizes Live Webinar with the theme “Transform: Ready for The Next”. Live Webinar has contributed to strengthening the volatile internal times, as well as inspiring leaders on the road to re-enactment and successfully break through despite difficulties.

The Webinar received the enthusiastic participation of entrepreneurs, HR leaders and  especially  senior business leaders.

The challenges of the business landscape 

Mr. Vu Duc Tri The - Solution Director, PACE Institute of Management shared a comprehensive picture of the challenges of the business context and the current unpredictable volatility that  businesses are facing V.U.C.A.S (Volatility,  Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity, Speed).

From the above challenges, he pointed 4 issues that many businesses and leaders concern:

  • Reinventing the business model
  • Attract and retain talented people.
  • Team cohesion
  • Develop nextgen leaders

Suggesting  solutions to these problems, the speaker introduced you to a model that includes  the 6 most important pillars that any business or leader should constantly reinvent. This is the norm for every leader who wants to manage a comprehensive business according to global standards,   thereby   takeing  opportunities to  find the  answer:  How to reinvent your business?

Copyright Model "Reinventing the Enterprise"

by PACE Institute of Management

Leaders need to enhance management capacity to be ready for any future scenarios 

Follow the  seminar, to find out the answer “How to reinvent your business?",  Mr. Truong Thanh Cuong - Training Development Director, PACE Institute of Management said, first of all, it is possible to answer "How to raise the level of management to have the capacity to regenerate the business?". 

 To find the answer, business leaders need to identify three factors:

- Objectives for improving management capacity: Consisting of 5 specific objectives

  • Effective growth of business administration
  • Increase  customer loyalty
  • Improve  human resource efficiency
  • Developing organizational competitiveness
  • Improved company position/brand

- A few trends in management transition: There are 4 characteristic trends

  • Collaboration by Design: Fundamental changes about the Corporate Management Model
  • Talent  marketplaces: Strategy to attract human resources (according to Company Strategy)
  • Career advancement: The advantage of retaining talents in the  story of human resource development
  • Prepare for multiple futures: Learn, be resilient and agile to adapt... (Corporate culture story)

- Principles and methods of enhancing management:


  • Top-Down transformation (from top to bottom, from high-level leadership to mid-level leadership and staff)
  • Bottom-Up transformation (from bottom up, from each employee  in each  department, to mid-level and highlevel leadership)



With FranklinCovey's model, the speaker commented: "We can't bring the old mindset, the old way but expect a different outcome. In other words, we can't adopt the old way of management, but expect a transformation that will have a full-blown breakthrough. Therefore, if you are ready for the next step, first be ready to change your vision/ vision, change your mindset." 

 Speakers share an interesting pont view at the event.

Leadership enhancement solution to reinvent business to confidently break through  despite all future prospects  

Finally, Webinar opens the world's most prestigious leadership development solution for the business community in Vietnam, answering questions about a leadership-enhancing solution to confidently break through despite all the most comprehensive and large-scale future prospects of PACE Institute of Management, currently receiving a lot of attention from top leaders, it is: The Global Leadership Program (GLP). 

This special program (GLP) is implemented by PACE in collaboration with George Washington University (GWU) and 04 of the world's leading training institutions FranklinCovey, Ken Blanchard, Balanced Scorecard and SHRM, with a specific   goal: To raise the level of leadership to reinvent the business according to global standards.

  • Provide a comprehensive and ground-breaking solution that helps businesses know how to transform their leadership capabilities and comprehensively reinvent their businesses.
  • Create a spirit of continuous reinvention for leaders in the new era in order to realize the journey from "Good" to "Greatness" for yourself and for your business.
  • Contributing to promoting the aspiration to "internationalize" management capacity and raise the standards of corporate management in Vietnam to compete globally and conquer the world.

In particular, in addition to having completion certificate for PACE's course and Global Leadership  Certificate (GLP) and its global partners,  when the full components are completed, Attendees will receive a George Washington University Mini-MBA Certificate.

Find out more about the GLP Program: HERE 

By combining insight and international  standard  methods, it is believed that Webinar "Transform: Ready for The Next" has not only inspired a journey of reinvent, but also create a space for all  guests to listen and share difficulties, bring a spirit of transformation for themselves and the team.